Call for Articles- Small talk India

SmallTalk India is allowing entries for everyone for our Aasaan Bhaasha segment, who wants to explain laws and concepts in a simple fashion. For anyone who has been shy to put out their writings, we are ready to be the source which will give your work a unique form and an audience. You can send us an article on a legal, social or socio-legal concept, and we will make a video of it and post it on our social media pages.

Aasaan Bhaasha is a SmallTalk India segment, that visions to explain laws and social concepts by presenting them in short and informative videos, and post them on our social media accounts, to bridge the gap between law and the people.


  1. Manner of submission: Interested people can email us their topic ideas along with a 100 word brief on the relevance of the topic, at, and within seven calendar days, a response will be sent regarding the approval or recommendations on the topic.
  2. Nature of Topic: The topic should be around legal, social or socio-legal matters. Topics
    regarding particular and specific incidents will also be encouraged.
  3. Details of author(s): The mail should have the subject as “Topic Submission – AasaanBhaasha – Your Name” and should contain following details
     Name –
     Course of Study –
     Year of Study –
     College Name –
  4. Co-authorship: Co-authorship up to 3 people is allowed. Details of all the authors must be given in the topic email.
    (Note : Failing to submit the above details shall lead to the topic not being considered.)
  5. After the communication of finalisation of topic, the writer is then expected to mail us their article latest in the next 14 calendar days from the receipt of the email.
  6. Length of article ranging from 500-1000 words
  7. The article should be original and unpublished.
  8. Plagiarism should not be more than 15%
  9. Format of the article
     Font : Times New Roman
     Size : 12
     Spacing : 1.5
     Alignment : Justified
     Names and links of the sources used, no particular format for references.

After the team receives the article, we shall send a review of the article in 3 calendar days and schedule a meeting of the writer with the team (if needed), and further discuss the article and present our suggestions and recommendation.

After the article is finalised, we shall make a video and send it across to the writer, latest in 30 working days, for any recommendations from the writer, and after receiving the affirmation acknowledgement, we will post the video and send the link across to the writer.
(Note : Smalltalk India will hold copyright to the video.)

  1. A certificate of acknowledgement from SmallTalk India for the content sent by you, after completion of the video.
  2. Giving writers credits to the author on our YouTube video, and on our social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

For any queries, you can contact the coordinator at, and we try
to respond to it quickly.
You can also contact us and know more about us on our social media platforms.
Instagram :
LinkedIn :
YouTube :

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