Mehul Choksi return: Antigua PM confirm Jet has arrived in Dominica from India

The Anitiguan PM has confirmed in a interview to local FM, that a jet has arrived in Dominica from India, with documents from official that Mehul Choksi is a fugitive.He  also added the things that Indian had sent some official documents from Indian courts , confirming Choksi is a fugitive.

Antigua and Barbuda Prime minister Gastton Browne said that they had asked to detain Choksi from entering their country illegally. Fugitive businessman Mehul Choksi was apprihended and arrested by the Dominican police on 26 May.

During an interview, Gaston Browne said ‘Mehul Choksi made a mistake and information we are getting is that Choksi  travelled with his girlfriend but he was caught in Dominican and how he can be  deported back to India.

Mehul Choksi was traced in Dominica and ‘captured’ , reportedly while trying to flee in a boat. Mehul Choksi has now been admitted to a hospital in According to the information received  from Dominica and Antigua on Sunday night,  the 63 year old trader was taken to the Dominica China friendship. Twenty four hours earlier he was tested for covid and the result was negative

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