Unfortunately, there is no law like Domestic Violence Act for husband to proceed against wife: Madras High Court

A case involving allegations that a woman had filed a domestic violence complaint against her husband only to harass him prompted the Madras High Court to make interesting observations on the Domestic Violence Act itself as well as on marriage.
Justice S Vaidyanathan expressed concern that there is no law like the Domestic Violence Act to deal with complaints against women in domestic relationships.
The case also prompted the Court to comment on the dwindling sanctity attached to the “sacrament” of marriage, particularly after live-in relationships were approved under the Domestic Violence Act.
The High Court was dealing with a plea by a man seeking reinstatement to his job, from which he was suspended citing a complaint lodged by his wife in a domestic issue.
The Court noted that the petitioner had earlier moved a divorce petition contending cruelty and voluntary desertion by his wife, which was accepted by the Family Court. Days before the verdict was pronounced, the wife was stated to have filed the domestic violence complaint against the petitioner.
Though the wife was impleaded as a party to the case before the High Court, she failed to appear despite service of notice. In this backdrop, the Court opined that the wife may have acted only to harass the petitioner. Justice Vaidyanathan, therefore, ordered reinstatement of the petitioner to his job within 15 days.
The Judge added that the question of whether the petitioner is guilty or not of the allegations made against him by the wife in her complaint would have to be decided by the appropriate forum. However, in the meanwhile, the Court opined that there is no need to keep the petitioner under suspension from work.

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