Vaccination : For health of Economy

Amidst the Covid-19 times and also since many years back, vaccination have always been a key to the proper health and normal well being of a human. But, this time where covid cases has curbed the Indian Economy to shrink and shrink, who knows there are ways to get a proper health of a dwindling economy? Vaccination, can be a way, but is it the only way, obviously not! There has to be so many ways which can balance the Covid-19 norms and the health of our economy.

 “Vaccination is important for the health of the people as well as the health of the economy.  The economic impact is inextricably linked to the overall pandemic itself. The economy had recovered very well by March butthen the second wave hasmoderated the momentum,” as said by the Chief Economic Supervisor Mr. K.V. Subramanian.

The series of lockdowns during the first wave and now the asynchronous lockdown in the second wave has made it hard for economy to revive, just yesterday, it constricted by 7.3% which is not a good news either. As well as there’s immense uncertainty in the recovery, that whether the speculations of the economist would be up to the mark, that economy would be in double or in single digit. Also there are some scientist who believes that, the third wave is inevitable, which is a golden feather in the cap of destruction of the economy. For the same reason, vaccination is still a source to sustain our economy, but, then again we have a population which itself needs vaccination, are we going to follow the economic philosophy of serving humans first or we will go all way round to get our economy better? It’s yet not decided

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