Data plays Growing Role in Driving Hiring Decision

When the recruiting team at dropbox was looking to improve how it recruits diverse talent ,it didn’t rely on educated guesses or assumptions .To help inform their decisions ,recruiters instead turned to analytics that were embedded in a recruiting technology platform .

In a presentation at the recent virtual HR technology conference and Exposition Micheal Moriarty .former global head of talent acquisition for dropbox ,an online storage and file -sharing company in San Francisco ,told the audience how he worked to build a data – drive recruiting team at the company that leans heavily on analytics to prioritize diversity ,equity and inclusion (DE&I) hiring goals .

Moriarty said his team uses analytics from the Gen technology platform ,gathering metrics such as time candidates spend in each hiring stage ,pass – through rates of phone screenings and other metrics tied to underrepresented group , and gender among job applicants .

Recruiters can review interview stages for different hiring managers by gender to see which managers might need help in balancing gender equity on their teams ;analyze what percentage of their time is spent on phone screens with men compared to women
and underrepresented groups; and track pass – through rates of hiring stage ,including the rate that extended offers are accepted to help determine why some candidates may be declining offers .

Tracking such metrics helped the Dropbox team uncover some issues with its diversity recruiting in 2019. One thing we saw was about a10 percent increase in the number of underrepresented candidate falling off at the phn screen stage versus nondiverse candidate, Moriarty said.

Evolution of the Recruiting Team

Transforming the Dropbox recruiting team into a data- driven unit didn’t happen overnight, Moriarty said. It’s an evolution, he explained.
The focus on analytics also has helped recruiting leader manage the team more efficiently.which help to achieve goals easily.

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