Madhya Pradesh: Parents of kids below 12 years to get vaccination priority

The Madhya Pradesh government has decided to prioritise the vaccination of parents having children below 12 years of age, so that they can look after the kids in case the latter get infected with COVID-19. The decision has been taken in view of the projection that the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic would impact children more, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said. “We have decided to give priority in vaccination to the parents of children less than 12 years of age as it is feared that the third wave of corona will affect them the most,” he said in a statement issued on Thursday night. “This will help in better care of the children as their parents will be around them in case they contract the infection,” he added. The chief minister said the state has brought the second wave of the pandemic under control, but there are fears that the third wave will hit. “We have made preparations for the third wave by setting up special wards for children and strengthening the overall health services,” Chouhan said. He also said that it was also brought to the notice of the government that there are many children who want to go abroad for higher studies. “Therefore, the state government has decided that the vaccination of such students should also be done on priority, so that they can safely go to foreign countries for education,” he said. Madhya Pradesh on Thursday reported 846 coronavirus positive cases and 50 fatalities, taking the state’s tally to 7,82,945 and toll to 8,207, the health department has said.

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