Delhi HC junks juhi chawla ‘s suit against 5G ; imposes RS 20_ lakh fine

The Delhi HC on Friday dismissed the lawsuit by actress Juhi chawla against the implementation of 5G network technology in the country.

The court ruled the please was filed to gain ” Publicity ” And the plaintiffs, chawla and two others, have abused the process of law.

The delhi HC has imposed a fine of RS 20 lakh on the plantiffs.

Justice J R midha said the plaintiffs have abused and misused the process of law  and wasted the court’s time. The court added it appeared the suit was filled to attract publicity. This was clear as juhi chawla had circulated the video conferencing link of court hearing on her social media handles. This resulted in repeated interruptions during the hearing by unknown individuals.

Delhi HC has issued contempt notices against the unknown person who were causing disruption during the hearing. It has asked the Delhi Police to identify these individuals.

The class action lawsuit filed by the environmentalist  juhi chawla had sought a direction to the authorities to certify to the public at large, that 5G technology is safe to mankind.

During the initial hearing of the cases, the Delhi HC had termed the lawsuit as ” Defective ” .

The court told that chawla should approach the government first.

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