Education should encompass ‘The good, the bad, The everything’

The United States has a long history of battles over what public should students should be taught. Everything from the civil war to evolution to sex education has been subject to fierce debate, generally by the board of education. But there is something unprecedented- and truly alarming about the current movement to limit how public school Teachers can discuss race in their classrooms.

For starters, the effort to dictate what students should learn about historical and modern racism is being led by Republican lawakers taking their cue from former , President Donald Trump , demonstrate that this is more about politics and posturing than sounds education policy .

More importantly, if there is any time  importantly, if there any time when civics education should be expanded and amplified – it is now, when democracy itself is changed. 

A proliferation of bills has been introduced this year in this states across the country that define what race related instructions can be taught in bublic school and College. This bills, at least four of which already have been signed into law, are aimed at tamping down and turning back any momentum in school to respond to the reckoning race promoted by last year’s  police killing of George Floyd. Particularly onerous is legislation awaiting the governor’s signature in Texas – a state that impact school curriculum around the country because of its huge textbook market , that would not only ban critical race theory but also minimize reference to slavery and anti- Mexican discrimination, while emphasize the uplifting events and grand achievement in the nation’s past.

“We can’t just choose to learn what we want to know and not what  we should know. We should know the good, the bad , the everything,” President Biden said at this week’s 100th anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre, the annihilation of a prosperous Black neighborhood by a white Mob that was long overlooked in the history books.

Supporters of the state wide bans claim that public school are  indoctrinating  students with ” Marxist” or leftist group think; use of the New York Times’ prize-winning but controversial 1619 project has become a frequent target. Clearly, schools shouldn’t teach ideology, and educator should be mindful of parental concern.

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