The full form of FMCG is Fast Moving Consumer Goods. FMCG relates to products in the market sold quickly and at a reasonably low price. Some examples of FMCG products include meat, vegetables, dairy products, fruits, processed foods, soft drinks, cosmetics such as soaps, deodorants, lip balm, eyeliner and everyday use products such as toilet paper and soaps, shower cap, face towel, over the counter drugs and other consumer products.
The lifespan of FMCG goods is very short, and the products have usually been sold or replaced within a few days / few weeks / within a few months or in a short time. Although sales profitability is weak in FMCG products relative to others, net profit is still higher as they are sold commercially in a large quantity.
From marketing point, it is soaring these days and also it has huge production, but, less margin of contribution in growth. Where as if consumer aspect is viewed, it is of quick use also less charges are demanded for this.
The FMCG industry is the fourth leading field in the Indian market. The estimate of its growing size is between US$ 30 billion in 2011 and US$ 75 billion in 2018.
FMCG firms such as ITC, Parle Products, Marico, Emami and CG Corp Global on Wednesday assured uninterrupted supply of their products based on the learnings from the previous year’s lockdown, even as surge in COVID-19 cases in India forced Maharashtra to declare a 15-day curfew while other states also impose various restrictions.

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