Call for articles

About the Society
The Society of Law and Literature, Nature Law University Odisha was established in 2020 to ferment an atmosphere where the emphasis is laid more on the connotation of law and literature. The objectives of the Society is to create an atmosphere where literature is to be read and promoted through artwork, theatre, article writing, article/book review, film making, street play and the analysis of the literary aspect of judgments, to publish a cumulative research paper inclusive of new findings and the emerging topics by bridging the gap between literature and law and to create a forum where literary activities can be conducted and promoted.

About the Event
The Society of Law and Literature is organizing an event of “Call for Articles”. The Society, as can be said with much confidence and pride is the only society researching on the conjecture of law and literature among all Indian Colleges. Therefore, we believe we must create a platform and enable students across India to engage by putting forth their perspective on the subject via book reviews and judgment analysis among others. The submissions will go through a double- blind review process. We are currently not charging any fee and submissions will be accepted only until 31 July 2021.  The selected ones will publish on 

Who can Participate
Students (U.G/P.G), academicians, scholars, researchers and professionals.
Advocates, NGOs and Think Tanks
Government officers and employees of Government Undertakings.
Representatives of Regulatory Bodies.

All the other important information has been provided in our posters.
In case of any queries, please drop a mail at or contact us:
Mukesh Kumar, Convenor- 8077806022
Indrashish Majumder, Co-Convenor- 9330413760

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