Bank of Maharashtra tops PSU Banks in Terms of Loan, Deposit Growth in FY21

As per the data published by the Bank of Maharashtra (BoM) , it emerged as the top performer among Public sector undertaking (PSU) Banks in terms of loan and deposit growth in FY21FY2.

  • BoM recorded a 13.45 percent increase in gross advances at Rs 1.07 lakh crore in FY21.
  • Followed by BoM, Punjab & Sind Bank posted 8.39 percent loans growth in advances with  aggregate loans at Rs 67,811 crore in FY21.

Key points over Financial Results of BoM in FY21:

  1. Deposit Mobilization: BoM was ahead of the country’s largest lender state Bank of india (SBI) in terms of deposit mobilization with  nearly 16 %  growth, in turn, SBI recorded 13.56 %.
  2. CASA :  in FY21, the current Account Savings Account (CASA) of BoM increase by 24.47 % , the highest among the PSU Banks. Thus CASA was 54 % or Rs 93,945 crore of the total liability of the bank.

About Bank of Maharashtra (BoM):

Establishment – Incorporate in 1935,commenced operations in 1936

Headquarters – Pune , Maharashtra

MD &  CEO  –  A. S Rajeev

Tagline –  one Family one Bank

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