BCI constitutes 7 members committee for framing draft “Advocates protection Act”. To ensure protection to lawyers from threat, attacks

Taking note of the recent attacks on lawyers and their family members, the bar council of india has resolved to constitute a 7 members committee for framing the draft” Advocate protection Act ” To ensure protection and safety to lawyers in carrying out their duties.

The council has nominated the following members to be part of the committee :-

  1. Mr. S. Prabkaran, Sr. Advocate, vice chairman, Bar council of india.
  2. Mr. Debi prasad Dhal, Sr. Advocate, Executive chairman Bar council of india.
  3. Mr. Suresh Chandra shrimali Co- chairman, Bar council of india.
  4. Mr. Shailendra Dubey Member, Bar council of india
  5. Mr. A Rami Reddy, Executive vice- chairman Bar council of india
  6. Mr. Shreenath tripaathi Member Bar council of india
  7. Mr. Prashant kumar Singh, member, Bar council of india
    In the meeting dated 10, june the council discussed the incident wherin a jaipur based lawyer, namely Advocate shri Ram Sharma and his wife were attacked physically, causing them several injuries.

In view of this , other recent similar incidents were also discussed by the council including the attack on Telangana based lawyer and his wife.
According to the council, the Advocates protection Act will ensure adequate protection to members of legal fraternity so that they can carry on their duties as officers of court, fearlessly without having to worry about their and their family.

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