Indusind Bank Launched Lending Platform IndusEasyCredit,a, Digital

Induslnd Bank launched the “IndusEasyCredit”, a Comprehensive digital lending platform to enable

The customers to meet their financial needs from  Their home.

About IndusEasyCredit:

1.IndusEasyCredit is a first of its kind platform which will offer a digital end to end process by utilising Indiastack, the public digital infrastructure of India, to offer personal loans and credit cards in a paperless, presence-less and cashless manner.

2.This will enable both the existing and non-IndusInd Bank customers to avail of personal Loans or credit cards on a single platform ina Completely paperless and digital manner.

3.The stack uses around 35 interfaces to

digitally verify the Know Your Customer (KYC), employment information and analyse the bank statements.


•IndiaStack is a set of APls that allowws

Governments, businesses, startups and

Developers to utilise a unique digital

Infrastructure to solve India’s hard problems Towards presence-less, paperless, and Cashless service delivery.

•Aadhaar Authentication, Aadhaar e-KYC, eSign, Digital Locker, Unified Payment Interface (UPI) are the core APIl’s of IndiaStack.

About Indusind Bank:

Managing Director &CEO-Sumant Kathpalia

Headquarters– Pune, Maharashtra

 Established in 1994

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