Sanjeev Bikhchandani : in 12 yrs. unique and valuable companies will emerge, solely Indian

The co-founder of Info Edge, Mr. Sanjeev Bikhchandani says – “Did we ever thought that there will be enormous development in the stock market, start-ups, investment in start-ups and more entrepreneurship to our country”, he further added “any speculations which I make for India for the next 12 yrs., it could be more than 100 times better”!

He also said that the last 10 yrs. has exceeded his expectations, when the economy was dwindling, we still saw stock market and start-ups expanding!

He also discussed the professionalism of the entrepreneur, where as he said that he himself is professional and an entrepreneur, just because he’s the founder doesn’t make him one, but resilience is important! The current crop of entrepreneurs are also professionals and that is important. It is enough of them recognise a need to get professionals on board in senior positions of responsibility.

Zomato and Policybazaar have broad-based management teams with many competent professionals. Increasingly, as companies grow, entrepreneurs realise that they cannot do it on their own. They need people with them and the smart ones do it well! “Look at fintech, look at financial inclusion. India is way ahead of the West in many ways. Look at making for Bharat, making for rural India, making for small town India. There are a number of entrepreneurs doing it and we have invested in a few” he said.

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