Call for Papers: Competition Commission of India Journal on Competition Law and Policy

Call for Papers

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is a statutory body established under the Competition Act, 2002 with the objective to prevent practices having adverse effect on competition, to promote and sustain competition in markets, to protect interest of consumers and to ensure freedom of trade carried on by other participants in markets in India. CCI is also mandated to take suitable measures for promotion of competition law through organising various advocacy programmes for the stakeholders. In furtherance of the above, CCI as a public institution, is engaged in encouraging scholarship in the field of competition law and policy so as to develop a better understanding of competition issues relevant in the Indian context, to draw inferences for implementation of competition law and to create a culture of competition in India. In pursuit of the same, the Commission is publishing its annual Journal on Competition Law and Policy in both print and online version.

Submission of Papers
The Commission invites original high quality research papers, articles, case law and book reviews on competition law, economics of competition law and contemporary antitrust issuesfor publication in the aforesaid journal. The orientation of the papers may be theoretical, empirical or case studies based. The journal would cover a wide range of related themes. However, research papers/ articles/ book reviews on the following themes, in the Indian context and based on empirical research, would be encouraged:
A. Cartel
B. Vertical restraints and competition
C. Market definition, measuring market power and abuse of dominance
D. Merger and acquisition
E. New age economy, platform markets and challenges for antitrust enforcement
F. Intellectual property rights and competition law
G. Recent development in competition law and policy
H. Any other issues related to competition law and policy

Selection Process
Papers received for publication in the journal shall be selected through a rigorous two stage review process. At the initial stage, the Joint editors will carry out a blind review to determine the eligibility of the paper for further review. On clearing the initial stage, the paper will be sent to the editorial board. A double blind review process will be followed at both the stages. Based on the editorial board recommendations, the paper will be rejected or accepted or sent to authors for revision.

Important Dates
There is no specific deadline for submission of papers. Papers cleared by the Editorial board will be published in the next available issue of the Journal.

Guidelines for Authors
(i) The work should be an original and unpublished work.
(ii) The manuscript of research paper should be in the following order:

 Title
 Abstract and Keywords
 Introduction
 Literature Review
 Methods and Results
 Discussion
 Summary or Conclusion
 Acknowledgements and References

(iii) Please submit your paper in the following format:
Language/ Medium of the paper – English
Maximum word limit (including research questions, methodology, conclusion and foot notes)

Research Paper : 8000 words
Article : 6000 words
Book Review : 2500 words

Document format – word
Name of word and pdf file – Title of the paper
Size of the paper – A4
Margin – 2.54 cm from all sides
Font Style – Times New Roman
Font Size – 12-point font
Line Spacing – 1.5
Paragraph Spacing 10-point, normal and justified

Title of the Paper – 20-point, bold and centre aligned and capitalise each word

Author Details – Details of Authors should be mentioned only on the first/ title page of the paper in the following manner:
 11-point, Italic, Centrealigned
 Just below the title
– Full name

– Organisation
 At footnotes
– Email Id (optional)
– Contact number (optional)
Headings – 14-point, bold and left aligned
Subheadings – 13-point, bold and left aligned

Page Number – Properly numbered
Table Number – Sequentially numbered
Name/ Title of Table – Place above the table
Figures/ Graphs/ Images – Sequentially numbered
Name of Figures/ Graphs/ Images Place above the Figures/ Graphs/ Images
Source of Table, Figures, Graphs, Images – Mention below the Table/ Figures/ Graphs/ Images
Symbols – Must be defined
Abbreviations – Must be defined
Reference Style– APA

Contact Us
Full papers along with CV of author(s) and duly signed certificate of originality (Please see Annexure) may be sent to . Requests for further information or any other queries may also be sent to this email id.

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