Madhya Pradesh Government to vaccinate 10 lakh people in its Mahaabhiyaan.

The 7th International Yoga Day will be commemorated today by the Madhya Pradesh Government by launching a massive vaccination campaign against the coronavirus infection. 7,000 vaccination centers will be set up across the state as part of its “Covid-19 Vaccination Mahaabhiyaan”, to immunize over 10 lakh beneficiaries.

For the task of informing the public about the importance of vaccination and directing them to the vaccination centers, one lakh volunteers have been assigned. The volunteers have been appointed to conduct outreach programs at the villages and ward levels to increase participation in the massive vaccination drive.
Hourly progress reports will be recorded as part of this campaign. Transportation to the vaccination centers has also been arranged for elderly and disabled people. A separate control room has been established in each district to monitor this vaccination drive.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, following Pitambara Maa’s darshan in Datia, will launch the vaccination campaign and present the beneficiaries with a resolution.
In Bhopal’s Anna Nagar, The chief minister will also conduct public vaccination awareness before visiting a village in the Sehore district to assess vaccination coverage.

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