Business activities across sectors such as Consumer goods, auto, electronics and smartphones, e-commerce, hospitality and real estate picked up in June over May, amid falling infection rates and gradual lowering in restrictions of various parts!

Macro indicators such as e-way bill generation bounced back in June to 33.7 million till June 20, or a daily average of 1.68 million compared to the 1.28 million in May.

This can further increase hopes as we observe vaccines increasing and also increasing consumer sentiment.

With more than 80% of the automobile retail outlets are now operational, it is expected to rise to 75% from 28% of the average of PV from the month of May!

E-commerce companies expect 10% higher sales in the coming month, companies are lining up to get consumer to spend on it, by lining up sales.

Consumer goods sales increased by 10-15% from the comparatively low sale in the month of May, that observes to be 70-80% high in the three weeks of June!

Smartphones were very high in sales it has 11 million units as compared to the 6 million units.

Food delivery was one of the segment which took strong during these covid crisis and rose very beautifully amidst this time!

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