Municipal Corporation at Prayagraj to halt cremation at Phaphamau ghat

Continual rainfall in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh Uttar, has urged a standstill to cremations along the Phaphamau ghat of the Ganga river.

The Prayagraj administration had earlier decided to cremate the bodies along the banks to prevent them from floating downstream. In the last 24 days, the municipal corporation cremated 150 bodies.

At Phaphamau ghat, the Prayagraj administration, which was cremating the bodies, to prevent them from floating downstream was compelled to stop after heavy rain in the city flooded the ghat.

The cremations were halted after the ghat was drenched.

Several bodies and planks of wood have been spotted floating on the banks of the river, even after Phaphamau ghat remains submerged. A large number of bodies buried in sand during the Covid-19 pandemic along the Phaphamau ghat had been exposed.

The municipal corporation, to prevent them from floating downstream, decided to perform the last rites of these bodies by following all necessary rituals.

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