Clicking selfies will be considered a criminal offense in Gujarat’s Dang District

The Dang district of Gujarat has banned taking selfies. According to a public announcement issued on June 23, the district administration has restricted taking selfies at tourist spots to avoid accidents.

An order undersigned by additional district magistrate TK Damor said that “With the start of the monsoon, there has been a huge inrush of tourists in Dang. While enjoying nature, many acts irresponsibly by taking selfies which direct to accidents that could prove disastrous. The notification has been issued to avoid such incidents”.

The order stated that police action will be taken against anyone caught clicking selfies. It said that clicking selfies will now be considered a criminal offense.

The public notice not only restricts clicking selfies but also restricts locals from entering rivers or any water bodies during monsoon to perform any chores like washing clothes or taking bath.  This decision is taken to prevent casualties and accidents during heavy rainfall.

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