“Street Dogs have right to food and citizens have right to feed them without Impinging upon the rights of others. Delhi High court

Observing that street dogs have a right to food and citizens have a right to feed them, Delhi High court has issued a set of guidelines for feeding and treatment of community dogs after holding that every dog is a territorial being.

A single judge bench comprising of justice JR Midha observed thus :

“Community dogs (stray/street dogs) have the right to food and citizens have the right to feed community dogs but in exercising this right, care and cautiou should be taken to ensure that it does not impinge upon the right of others or cause any harm, hindrance, harassment and nuisance to other individuals or member of the society “.

Furthermore, it said:

” Every dog is a territorial being, and therefore, the street dogs have to be fed and tended to at places within their territory which are not frequented, or less frequented, and sparingly used by the general public and residents”.

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