Drone spotted over Indian High Commission in Islamabad, Delhi lodges protest with Pakistan

India registered a strong protest with Pakistan after a drone was spotted over the Indian High Commission in Islamabad on June 27.

A drone was spotted on Sunday in the residential complex of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad causing a huge alarm for the Indian security establishment.

Sources tell India Today that the matter of this major security breach in the diplomatic enclave in Islamabad was taken up through diplomatic channels by the High Commission officials with the Pakistan Foreign Office. A strong protest was lodged, sources added.

This is the first time that such an incident has been witnessed and reported. Headquarters in New Delhi was briefed about the incident.

This comes at a time when India witnessed the first weaponised drone attack at the Air Force base in Jammu in the early hours of Sunday — the first such instance of suspected Pakistan-based terrorists deploying unmanned aerial vehicles to strike at vital installations in the country.

Two IAF personnel were injured in the explosions that took place around 1.40 am within six minutes of each other. The first blast ripped off the roof of a single-storey building at the high-security technical area of the airport manned by the IAF in Satwari area on the outskirts of the city. The second one was on the ground.

The aerial distance from the Jammu airport to the international border is 14 km.

 Drones spotted in Jammu for 4th day in a row after air base attack

 Army spots another drone near military station in Jammu for third day in row

Army spots another drone near military station in Jammu for third day in row

Another attempt to attack a military installation with the help of drones was foiled by alert Army sentries at the Ratnuchak-Kaluchak station who fired at the unmanned aerial vehicles.

On Friday morning, the Border Security Force (BSF) opened fire on a drone after it tried to venture into the Indian territory on the International Border in Jammu, officials said. The drone was spotted by the alert BSF personnel in the Arnia sector on the outskirts of Jammu around 4.25 am, they said.

The officials said the suspected drone returned to the Pakistani side when the border guards fired half a dozen rounds to bring it down.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has taken over the charge of the investigation into the drone attack on the Indian Force base in Jammu airport. An anti-drone system has been installed at the IAF base in Jammu amid multiple sightings to tackle the threat of quadcopters.

The drone threat: India raises the issue at United Nations

The matter was escalated at the UN level when India raised the issue of weaponised drones being used by terrorists against its country.

“Today, misuse of information and communication technology such as internet and social media for terrorist propaganda, radicalisation and recruitment of cadre; misuse of new payment methods and crowdfunding platforms for financing of terrorism; and misuse of emerging technologies for terrorist purposes have emerged as the most serious threats of terrorism and will decide the counter-terrorism paradigm going forward,” he added at the 2nd High Level Conference of the Head of Counter-Terrorism Agencies of the Member States in the General Assembly.

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