Domestic help held for stealing from employer

On July 2, the Bangur Nagar police arrested a 32-year-old domestic help for allegedly stealing gold biscuits, foreign currency, and diamond rings, worth about Rs 21.5 lakh from her NRI employer`s house. It was her daughter`s innocent revelation about enjoying their vacation in their village when she bought her and other relatives gold chains, that helped tack the accused.

The accused has been identified as Rajeeta Narsayya Mengu. The police have been able to recover the gold biscuits and some other valuables worth about Rs 19 lakh from her village in Telangana.

According to police authorities, complainant Ramni Ayyer, 60, stays with his wife and 83-old-mother at Bangur Nagar.

Kumar Subramaniyam Ayer who is an NRI is his younger brother has a house in the same locality. Kumar`s foreign currency and valuables were also kept in Ayyer`s house. As Kumar is currently in Mumbai, he has hired two domestic help.

The police then questioned Rajeeta and she confessed the theft. She was then arrested.

Senior Police Inspector Shobha Pise from the Bangur Nagar police station said that they have arrested Mengu on charges of theft.

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