Amazon celebrates small business days, 2021

MSMEs can be considered as the Indian economy’s backbone. They contribute about 30% to the country’s GDP, and for exports, it is about 48%. In the present day, while the nation’s morale has been somber, what is still noteworthy is the determination of this sector. Local sellers and small businesses are using every opportunity to push through these challenging circumstances.

The pandemic and then its subsequent second wave has affected small businesses across India. On-ground restrictions have further impacted several of their processes. But Amazon’s Small Business Days 2021 is a move to help these sellers get their businesses on track. Amazon has enabled small businesses to reach millions of customers across India by providing an ecosystem for them to use. They have been empowered to offer a superlative customer experience while helping these local sellers increase their product exposure, expert endorsements along with product reviews. It has also created a space that can foster these sellers’ unique products and services. To further minimise the impact of this pandemic on local businesses, Amazon has also enabled an ‘on-demand disbursement’ feature.

While the situation in the country evolves, Amazon continues to build on its selling experience, which has helped many small businesses thrive in these unreal times. The three-day online sale is another step to back the local economy. It is an attempt to enable these sellers to achieve sustainability and expand their reach.

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