Canada to ease travel restrictions for citizens, international students.

Canada is all set to ease entry restrictions for international passengers from Monday, the Public Health Agency of Canada announced on July 3. This move is set to benefit Canadian citizens, permanent residents and their relatives, international students and some temporary workers who have valid work permit.

Here’s more about the new guidelines issued by Canada:

Canada will be easing travel restrictions only for citizens and permanent residents from Monday.

All travellers will have to isolate at a government-approved hotel for three days while awaiting the result of their Covid-19 test done on arrival.

Isolation is not required for individuals who are fully vaccinated with any of the vaccines approved by Canada. The country has so far approved the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Astra Zeneca/Covishield, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. “Fully vaccinated travellers allowed to enter Canada may be exempted from federal quarantine and day 8 testing starting July 5. Only vaccines approved by the Government of Canada will be accepted,” Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada tweeted on July 3.

Direct flights from India are banned till July 21 until further notice. Those travelling to Canada via connecting flights will have to offer negative Covid test results, which has to be conducted at the final point of departure before entering Canada.

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