Mathura court rejects bail plea of Kerala journalist Siddique kappan in the uapa case

Siddique Kappan, a journalist from Kerala who has been accused under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, has had his bail application denied by a municipal court in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh (UAPA).

Kappan’s bail application was denied by Judge Anil Kumar Pandey on the grounds that there was a prima facie case that Kappan and his co-accused were attempting to disrupt the law and other circumstances while on their way to cover the Hathras gang rape

In a case filed by the Uttar Pradesh Police, the Mathura Court recently withdrew the bailable charges made against Kappan and other co-accused, while Kappan was said to be in route to cover the Hathras last year.


The accused [Atiqur Rahman, Masood Ahmed and Alam, and Siddique Kappan] were apprehended by Maan police while travelling to Hathras on the above-mentioned allegations.

They were initially detained on suspicion of creating a breach of the peace and brought before a sub-divisional magistrate’s court, where they were sentenced to judicial prison. Following that, they were arrested under the UAPA, allegedly for attempting to stir communal disturbances and disrupt social harmony in the aftermath of the Hathras gangrape-murder case.

They have been held in judicial custody, and in April 2021, the Uttar Pradesh police’s Special Task Force charged eight people linked to the Popular Front of India, including its students’ wing leader K A Rauf Sherif and Kerala journalist Siddique Kappan, with sedition, criminal

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