Twitter says compliance report by july 11, key staff appointment in 8 weeks

Twitter Inc Thursday informed the Delhi High Court that it has appointed an interim chief compliance officer, who is a resident of India, and said it will make an endeavour to fill the regular position within eight weeks as per the new IT Rules. The microblogging platform said it has appointed interim chief compliance officer (CCO) with effect from July 6 and a communication has also been addressed to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY). Twitter filed an affidavit in this regard in compliance of court’s July 6 order. Justice Rekha Palli is scheduled to shortly take up the petition claiming non-compliance with the Centre’s new IT Rules by the microblogging platform. The affidavit said “Twitter has posted publicly a job announcement for a CCO as a direct employee and is accepting applications at this time. Twitter will endeavour in good faith to make an offer of employment to a qualified candidate to fill this position within 8 weeks.” It said Twitter is in the process of making an appointment to an Indian resident as its interim resident grievance officer (RGO) and expects to do so on or before July 11 and the details will be updated on its ‘Help Page’ as soon as possible. “In the meantime, the duties of the RGO are being performed by the grievance officer…, and will continue to do so until the appointment,” it said.

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