3-months-old killed by transgender over dispute with family for blessing money.

Due to a dispute over blessing money with the child’s parents, a three-month-old was kidnapped and murdered by a transgender and her friend.

According to the local Cuffe Parade police, the incident happened on Friday in the slums of Ambedkar Nagar in South Mumbai.

In a fit of anger, the accused had kidnaped the infant when her parents and grandparents were asleep. She had later thrown the baby into a pit filled with water near a stream in Cuffe Parade.

The police said, learning that the family had a newborn, the transgender, Kanhaiya Chaugule alias Kannu, had approached Sachin Chittole’s house in Ambedkar Nagar.

According to Chittole’s statement, 30-year-old Kannu had visited the family at around 8 pm on Thursday and demanded Rs 1100 as a donation or blessing money along with a saree and a coconut, according to the Hindu tradition.

Chittole had no work due to lockdown and told Kannu that the family will not be able to pay her. But they were ready to give her a saree and a coconut for goodwill.

Kannu was not ready to accept that and affirmed that the money should also be paid to her. The exchange of words soon whirled into an argument and Chittole ultimately drove her away from his house.

Kannu informed her friend Sonu Kale about the incident. They both then decided to take revenge on the family for abusing and insulting Kannu.

At around 2 am, they reached Chittole’s house and found the door of his home open. They kidnapped the baby and threw her in a pit filled with water in the brook in Cuffe Parade and left.

On Saturday morning, when the family woke up and found that the baby was missing, they reached the Cuffe Parade police and filed a kidnapping complaint.

Sachin also informed the police about his argument with Kannu. The police then traced Kannu and Sonu Kale and questioned them.

DCP S Chaitanya said that they picked up the transgender and an associate who was involved in the crime. During interrogation, the two accused revealed that they picked the baby from the house of the complainant and threw the baby in the brook. The two have been arrested and booked for kidnapping, murder, and destruction of evidence.

The body of the infant was procured and sent for post mortem to JJ hospital.

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