Delhi bar council suspended a lawyer for submitting a fictitious covid report in order to acquire financial aid.

The Delhi Bar Council suspended a lawyer on Friday for submitting a forged COVID-19 positive report in order to obtain financial assistance. In its suspension ruling, the Council stated that the advocate’s actions amounted to not just misconduct, but also forgery and cheating. Following up on the matter, Ramesh Gupta, the chairman of the Delhi Bar Council, appointed a special committee to probe the situation.

The Bar Council Delhi discovered that the lab from where advocate Sonu Yadav allegedly acquired a COVID-19 positive report verified that no such report was given in his name, according to a notice released on Friday.

“It is clear that the Covid report you submitted is a fabrication, and seeking financial assistance based on a forgery is not only misbehaviour, but also forgery and deception,” the warning added.

After receiving a complaint, the council suspended the advocate’s licence. According to reports, advocate Iqbal Malik has been performing unlawful religious conversions and ‘Muslim marriages (Nikah)’ in the Karkardooma Courts complex.

The advocate’s chambers were also said to be hosting a conversion trust, according to the complaint. In his case, the petitioner stated that his daughter was “forcefully converted to Islam and married in your chamber.” Following the suspension of the advocate’s licence, the council established a Special Disciplinary Committee and requested that the advocate file a rebuttal within seven days and appear before the committee.

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