Rhetorque Diplomacy Summit 3.0 DATES – 24-25 JULY

We solemnly swear that we are upto all good for you; and aim at giving you the best online MUN experience. Presenting to you all, the third edition of ‘Rhetorque Diplomacy Summit 3.0’ which aims at stimulating the young minds with our engrossing and erudite committees.
We are featuring 7 committees, which are as follows :
Lok Sabha: deliberation over the farmer’s bill (freeze date 26/01/21)
AIPPM: Discussion upon the failures at curtailing the covid 19 situation with special emphasis on health care and economy
ADLITEM(court proceedings): CLASSIFIED
CSW: Addressing the issue of Female Genital Mutilation in North African regions
HRC: Deliberation on the standard of deliverable human rights for stateless people and entities
Stakeholders: Negotiations for Two state solutions between Israel and PLO
International Press: Journalists and Caricature

Best delegate: ₹1000
High commendation: ₹500


  1. An orientation session will be held before the commencement of any committee.
  2. Filling out the registration form doesn’t guarantee you a place in the conference. Your application would be deliberated over and closely considered, if you are awarded a place in the committee, it would be informed via mail.
  3. Delegates are requested to make the payment within 24 hours of their allotment lest the respective allotment be cancelled.
    4. Kindly note that the delegate fees won’t be refunded after the participant has received the allotment mail.
    Registration Link:
    For further details contact us at:
    Instagram: @rhetorquediplomacysummit
    Email: rhetorquediplomacysummit@gmail.com
    Facebook page: Rhetorque Diplomacy Summit.

Contact number: +91 9650701389
+91 8826123394

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