Delhi 16-year-old girl succumbed to death after attacked with axe.

On Tuesday, a day after a 16-year-old girl was attacked and killed by a man holding an axe near her home in south Delhi’s Moti Bagh. Police said they have arrested her attacker, who was allegedly stalking her for past several months.

The 21-year-old suspect was identified as Pradeep alias Praveen. Police said he was harassing the girl for a relationship but she refused. Around two months ago, the girl’s father slapped him for troubling his minor daughter.

‘Pradeep was arrested from his sister’s house in Palwal, Haryana. He was stalking the girl for the past few months and the girl’s father had slapped him over this.

This angered Pradeep and he wanted to take revenge. He purchased an axe from RK Puram a month ago and used it to attack the girl in the afternoon on Monday. The axe was recovered from the scene of the crime,’ said deputy commissioner of police (southwest) Ingit Pratap Singh.

Police told the attack on the girl was caught by a CCTV camera installed near the spot. The footage helped them determine the exact sequence of events leading to the attack and verify the attacker’s identity. It was a key piece of evidence against Pradeep.

Pradeep lived in a tenement a kilometer away from the girl’s house, but he used to visit his friend’s shop, which is nearby her parents’ shop.

On Monday at around 1 pm, the girl was walking towards her home in Moti Bagh and was about 200 meters from her home when Pradeep allegedly stopped her and attacked her with the axe, leaving her with severe head and face injuries. He escaped the crime scene, but left behind the axe covered in blood, said, DCP Singh. ‘The injured girl was rushed to Safdarjung hospital by the time the police reached the crime scene after being alerted by a passerby. She was alive at the time of her admission but died of injuries during treatment. The case that was initially registered as an attempt to murder was later converted to murder.’.

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