In Re : Bruno – Animal owners shall Register the animal with local self Bodies within six months: Kerala High Court

The Kerala high Court on Wednesday issused additional guidelines and suggestions to improve the condition of animal welfare in the state.

A division bench of justice AK jayashankarn Nambiar and justice P gopinath also implemented certain animal welfare organizations such as Daya and Angles Nair, General secretary for animal legal force integration as additional Respontendents in the matter. The court declared that this matter will be heared bi weekly till the directions were implemented efficiently.

Registration of Animals

High Court has asked the state Government to direct local- self government bodies to immediately issues public notices Requiring owners of all animals with them within six months. Additionally, it was also suggested to make such registration mandatory within three months of owing any animal. The court recalled how there used to be a Licensing regulations similar to this system, but observed that this was not pursued in earnest under the panchayat rules.

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