Taliban a danger for India, whole world: Afghanistan MP Mariam Solaimankhil

Afghanistan MP Mariam Solaimankhil spoke to Rajdeep Sardesai over the march of the Taliban. Mariam Solaimankhil said the Taliban is a danger not just for India but for the whole world.

A member of the Taliban insurgent and other people stand at the site during the execution of three men in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan, April 18, 2015.

They’re claiming to take more districts than they actually have. We have to differentiate between a temporarily overthrown district and a completely fallen district. There’s a huge propaganda war supported by GHQ [Pakistan Army], and they’re winning it hands down. You will not hear reports of Afghan soldiers retaking back districts. The Afghan army is strong enough.

The veil has been lifted. And they’re not even hiding this fact anymore. They’re openly raising funds and carrying out training in 40,000 border madrasas, and sending fighters to Afghanistan. There has never been a violent party such as the Taliban waging war for over 20 years without a neighbouring country’s support. And it’s very obvious which neighbouring country that is.

Yes, they are. The Taliban has not given any statement on what they want to do about women’s rights, minority rights. There is no plan for the Jewish, Sikh and Hazara populations. All we can learn from is what they did in the 1990s. That was not letting girls above 8 go to school and having public executions.

They were recently giving lessons on cutting off someone’s hand if he is accused of theft. There is no such thing as Good Taliban. The danger, not just for India but for the world, is that this will be a breeding ground for international terrorism.

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