1st IMS International Debate Competition

About the Organizers
IMS Noida, established in 1998, is a premier institute known for its academic excellence and value-based education. It serves to both fresh graduates seeking world-class education and also to those who are already employed and want to enhance their managerial skills. IMS also has collaborations with several Universities overseas and seeks to imbibe a global mindset in its students.
Established in 2004, in Sector-62, Noida, IMS Law College, Noida runs under the auspices of IMS Society. The Big Brands Research Academy conferred IMS Law College the Best Law College in Delhi-NCR. The College is approved by the Bar Council of India, recognized by University Grant Commission (UGC) and affiliated with the Chaudhary Charan Singh University Meerut.

BEBAAK – The IMS Debating Society was formed by the top debaters of IMS Noida in order to provide a platform and create opportunities for the budding debaters, to show and grow their speaking skills and expertise, to learn and guide each other through the nuances of public speaking.
With an aim to continue the practice of public speaking and to give back to the debating circuit, with great pleasure, we are organizing our 1 st IMS International Debate Competition.

“असीम – Beyond the Boundaries” is the 1st IMS International Debate Competition. As the name suggests, it aims to break the shackles of petty regionalism and bring together the brilliant minds from all across the globe on to a single platform, providing them the opportunity to speak their hearts out on the issues of international relevance.

  • This will be a bi-lingual debate, participants may utilize English or Hindi.
  • The competition will proceed in 3 rounds: Preliminaries, Semis and Finals.
  • There will be two levels of the competition taking place parallelly, one for school level participants and one for university level participants, with separate cash prizes for both.
  • The top 3 winners of the School rounds will also get an opportunity to compete in the finals of the University level rounds to have a chance at the top cash prizes.
  • English debaters shall compete with other English debaters only, similarly being the case for Hindi debaters, for the preliminary and semi final rounds. Intermixing of top participants from both languages shall take place in the final rounds (please note that there will be no interjections in the final rounds).

For university level preliminary round:
“Prostitution should be recognized and legalized globally.”
“वेश्यावृत्ति को वैश्विक स्तर पर मान्य और वैध बनाना चाहिए । “
For school level preliminary and semi-final round:
“Democratic nations as compared to others, have better chances to develop faster.”
“दूसरे राष्ट्रों के मुक़ाबले लोकतांत्रिक राष्ट्रों के पास तेज़ी से विकसित होने की बेहतर संभावना होती है। “


  • Individual Participation.
  • Students of any School (9th to 12th)/ College or University in the World.
  • School/College Pass-out Students.
  • University Pass-outs/Working professionals.
  • No Cap on number of participants from an institution.

Participants can choose to speak in any of the two languages: English and Hindi.
Participants have to stick to one language throughout the competition.

There shall be THREE categories of prizes:
(Only the participants of the International Grand Finale shall be considered for prizes of this category)
i. INTERNATIONAL WINNER: INR 11,000 / USD 145 + E-Certificate of Merit
ii. INTERNATIONAL RUNNER UP: INR 4,000 / USD 50 + E-Certificate of Merit
iii. INTERNATIONAL 2 nd RUNNER UP: INR 3,000 / USD 40 + E-Certificate of Merit

(Participants from all the university level round shall be considered for prizes of this category)
i. Best Speaker (English): INR 2,000 / USD 25 + E-Certificate of Merit
ii. Best Speaker (Hindi): 2,000 / USD 25 + E-Certificate of Merit
iii. 2 nd Best Speaker (English): INR 1,000 / USD 13 + E-Certificate of Merit
iv. 2 nd Best Speaker (Hindi): INR 1,000 / USD 13 + E-Certificate of Merit

(Only the participants of the School Level International Finale shall be considered for prizes of this category)
i. School Level BEST SPEAKER: (Cash Prize amount to be declared soon) E-Certificate of Merit
ii. School Level 2 nd BEST SPEAKER: (Cash Prize amount to be declared soon) E-Certificate of Merit
iii. School Level 3 rd BEST SPEAKER: (Cash Prize amount to be declared soon) E-Certificate of Merit

Please Note: The top 3 winners from the school level rounds will be given the opportunity to compete in the INTERNATIONAL GRAND FINALE to have a chance at becoming the COMBINED INTERNATIONAL WINNERS as well.
(In case of irregularities between currency exchange rates, the final prize amount in INR shall take precedence)
E-certificates of participation shall be provided to all participants.

Important dates

  1. 17 TH July 2021 – Registration open
  2. 31 st July 2021 – Last date for early bird registration
  3. 10 th August 2021 – Last date for registration
  4. 20 th – 24 th August 2021 – Preliminary round
  5. 28 th August 2021 – Semi- finals
  6. 2 nd September 2021 – School level international final and valedictory
  1. 4 th September 2021 – International Grand Finale and Valedictory

Registration Details along with Fee and Payment Details
Registration details for the participants inside India.
 Participants must submit their registration fees via Google pay/Paytm/PhonePe on the following Number: + 9 1 8003816001.
 A screenshot of the payment must be attached with the google form.
 Early Bird Registration fees (till 31st July) – Rs.80
 Registration fees (from 1st Aug) – Rs.100.
 Registration in Delegation of 10 or more – 50% off
 Registration in Delegation of 5 or more – 30% off
NOTE: TO REGISTER IN A DELEGATION, Directly Contact 8766309590
 Registration link: https://forms.gle/PBZkgy9XmnbfjDTJ9 . Registration details for the participants applying outside India
 Zero registration fees
 Last date of registration is 10 th august, 2021
 Registration link: https://forms.gle/PBZkgy9XmnbfjDTJ9

Contact details
EMAIL ID: Bebaak@imsnoida.com

Call/WhatsApp: +91 87663 09590, +91 89571 61088, +91 78350 98333, +91
94707 02002

For a detailed list of the rules and regulations, and for full information, please
refer to the brochure:

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