Call for blog by The Elysian, the English literary society of Amity Law School, Noida: Rolling Submissions

About the Organisation
The Elysian started off as a group of law students with an interest in Literature and a passion for coming together and working on ideas to grow their community. The small team worked with perseverance and in less than a few months made its mark in the institution. It has hosted several successful events consecutively and has been internationally recognized. It has also made its presence in various law reports and newspapers. Being one the major contributors of fresh content amongst clubs and committees of various universities, our activities are bound to catch your eye. We publish realistic content for our readers so that there is no hindrance in expressing oneself. The Elysian aims to provide a multitude of lucrative opportunities to assist in this vital stage of a student’s life.

About the Blog
The Elysian was formed by a collective interest in the literary arts, and it continues to be a source of upliftment for those who seek a platform to be heard. We have a biannual magazine and a quarterly newsletter, along with an extremely active online blog as well as a variety of social media handles which is always overflowing with fresh content sent in by students.
With an eye for quality, the magazine ensures only the best of prose and poetry is available to its audience. Be it in the form of bilingual prose and poetry, crucial legal discourses, or informative and well-researched articles.

The Elysian encourages all forms of creativity and learning. Our magazine and blog have two sub-departments, namely Alfaaz and the legal cell, to focus on Hindi and Legal forum respectively.

Mode of Delivery and the Word Limit

  1. For Literary Content
    Poem: 15-30 lines
    Articles: 500-1000 words
    Prose: 500-600 words
    Critical Analysis: 1000-1500 words
    Movie/tv-shows reviews: 500-1000 words
    Book reviews: 500-1000 words
  2. For Hindi content
    Articles, poems, essays, other write-ups in Hindi shall be accepted.
    Rest of the guidelines for the hindi content would be same as the literary content
  3. For Legal Articles
    Word Limit:
    Case Commentary: 1500-2000 words

Legal Article: 1500-2000 words
Legislative Comment: 1000-1500 words
Book Review: 500-1000 words
Legal news article/blog: up to 500 words

Send your content with the subject “Content for blog” to Mention the heading (legal/literary/Hindi) which your write-up comes under.

Important Dates

We are accepting rolling submissions.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Any content exceeding 15% plagiarism shall be rejected.
  2. Citations to be used – Blue book format
  3. Font – Times New Roman (Body: 12; Headings: 14)
  4. Line spacing – 1.5
    Open to all the students and professionals from various fields of academics
    Publication of selected content on The Elysian’s blog
    Certificate of publication
    Selection Procedure
  5. Every submitted content shall be subjected to the review process
  6. You will receive a confirmation email once your content gets selected
  7. Kindly follow the guidelines to avoid rejection
    Contact Information
    Email ID:
    LinkedIn :
    For further queries, contact:

Kashish Mathur- +91 95600 98340
Mrinalini Goyat- +91 84483 30027
Jatin Shivdasani- +91 98187 49997
Aryaman Nehra- +91 99589 86839

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