Webinar on ‘The Pendency of Criminal Litigation in India and Canada: Why the Pandemic makes It Even More Complicated?’ (July 26th, 2021; 6:30PM)


Criminal Prosecution, being one of the procedures involving human rights of several stakeholders, is a Herculean task for the courts. The increasing number of offences, especially during the COVID- 19 Pandemic, makes the prosecution stringently delayed. The pendency of Criminal Litigation possesses capabilities to affect not only the victims but even accused persons. It’s psycho-economic impact results in denial of the very basic human rights available to the parties at Proceedings. The situation, though affected across the globe due to pandemic, has somewhat worsened in India and that poses a demand to analyze the position and practices of developed nations like Canada. Such deliberations may take place at academic forums, to access, analyze and implement better practices to ensure Therapeutic Justice to the parties at criminal proceedings. In order to achieve the same, Unitedworld School of Law, Karnavati University is organising a Webinar titled “The Pendency of Criminal Litigation in India and Canada: Why the Pandemic makes it even more complicated” on July 26th, 2021. The Webinar shall be graced and delivered by eminent dignitaries – Sébastien Lafrance, Public Prosecution Service of Canada, and Prof. (Dr.) Shruti Bedi, Professor of Law, University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University as Panelists.
Participants of the Webinar shall receive E-Certificate on successful attendance of the session and registration. Pre-registration is mandatory to participate and receive E-certificate of the session.
The Webinar is open for any students/professional/academician keen to be benefitted by comparative analysis of Criminal Litigation in India and Canada.
Interested Candidates shall register by submitting Registration Form latest by July 25 th , 2021 available on the link below:


Registrations received after the above date may not be able to attend the session due to a limited capacity of the virtual platform. E-certificates shall be issued to registered attendees of the webinar after completion of the webinar.
DEADLINES/DATES: Register latest by 8:00PM, July 25th , 2021 (Registrations received post to that shall be considered on first come first serve basis subject to the limit of virtual platform)

Meeting ID: 996 7009 6128
Passcode: 117582
CONTACT INFO: In case of any issues related to the Webinar, feel free to contact the Organizing
Secretary: Prof. Shrut Brahmbhatt on shrut@uwsl.edu.in
OFFICIAL LINK: https://karnavatiuniversity.edu.in/events/uwsl-events/2021/the-pendency-of-

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