Call for Editors: Anumaarga

ANUMAARGA is a innovative-novel legal platform that aims to provide ‘LEGAL-AID’ and ‘LEGAL-EDUCATION’ over a single platform. It provides a different portal for lawyers to communicate within its community or with people in need of Justice with intent to increase the quality of legal aid while keeping in check the costs involved. In short, It tries to serve the vision of uniting lawyers willing to provide legal aid with people in need of it. Also, this application is designed for passionate learners to explore and monitor the strategic landscape of legal field.
Students can browse through high-quality articles, news, recent judgements, reports and research papers to better understand the topics driving transformational change. It also provides internship opportunities to students.

Editing is an intricate business. We are looking for student editors with strong grip on language and detail-oriented outlook. 

5 student editors required.
Tenure: 3 Months

 Focused undergraduate students of law- 5 years program (BA LLB/ BBA LLB) and also 3 years program (LLB).
 Coherent writing skills are sought for in the candidates.

 Making primary decisions on the merit of a written piece.
 Send conditional acceptance and written feedback for improving an article.
 Language and content editing of the articles, commentaries, case comment and book reviews.
 Other miscellaneous editorial tasks.

Send your CV and a Statement of Purpose in about 500 words

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