1st National Memorial Drafting Competition, 2021


Respected all,


It is with immense pleasure that the FORum for Legal Awareness And Social Service (FORLASS) INDIA and Indian Journal of Legal Review (IJLR), presents the 1st National Memorial Drafting Competition, 2021. We take this occasion to invite your esteemed institution to participate in the competition and extend to us the privilege of hosting the participating team.

It will be our endeavour to create an atmosphere of invigorating intellectual challenges and the opportunity to learn court craft through simulated experiences in the competition. We look forward to a positive response.

Best Regards,

Chief Co-Ordinator, Publisher,


Indiana got its independence in 1965 and it enforces its constitution. Indiana is a country that follows the traditions and culture of various religions and races. The Indian has been following it as well as protecting it. Sexual workers and Sexual works are still considering a taboo topic of Indiana People. Although Sexual Work is morally prohibited throughout India, the restriction was waived in certain red-light areas. Vidabhar is one of the most populated states in Indiana. ‘Kamati Nagar’ is a well-known red-light area of Vidabhar. There are more than 5000 sexual workers are doing their profession. Typically Kamati Nagar is a Non-Developed city in Indiana due to the social boycott. There are no proper basic facilities like water management, waste management, police surveillance etc. However, the rate of sexual offences against women and children’s in cities around Kamati Nagar was lower than in other districts of Indiana.
Shanti Kaul (27 years old) is a married sexual worker in Kamati Nagar. She belongs to “Assaka” (Neighbouring district of Kamati Nagar). She lives with her parents for the last four years due to the dowry torture of her husband family. Her father suffered from hemiparesis disease and her mother can’t even stand for 30 sec without one’s help. They depend on Shanti Kaul’s (hereinafter Shanti) income and they have no choice but to do so. Shanti is the only one taking care of them. She used to go to the neighbouring district of Kamati Nagar daily for his profession. There she used his friend Shiloh’s house for his business. On July 31, 2021, Shanti decided to leave for her business place at 7 pm as usual. Unexpectedly Yadav Kumar intercepted him for prostitution. Yadav Kumar (19 years old) is a man who left his parents in Kamati Nagar and lives with his brother and he is involved in robbery and theft. This is well known to Shanti. She denied this approach and then she agreed due to Yadav Kumar’s persuasion and the money he promised to give. Between 10 pm and 10.20 pm Yadav Kumar’s Brother Yaash Kumar (a boy born on 01.08.2003) Interpolation the sexual intercourse between Shanti and Yadhav Kumar (hereinafter A1) and without the consent of Shanti. She denied his entry and Yadav Kumar with the help of A1 Strongly beaten her for deterring him. So Shanti faints for the act of Yaash Kumar (hereinafter A2). After the next third day, Shanti’s dead body was found by the police from her Friend Shiloh’s house where she was last seen. A1 and A2 have been arrested by the police while the case is being registered at the police station. During interrogation, A1 confessed that Shanti, who woke up when the two brothers were having sex with her at around 12.30 am of the day after

31st July 2021 and they attacked her with a crust of wood for she tried to escape from them. And he said due to this harassment, Shanti died on the spot and the two left the scene. The crimes caused great consternation among the general public.
Following the completion of the trial in the Kamati Nagar Sessions Court, the Sessions Court sentenced the accused A1 and A2 to Capital Punishment. We are Humans (WAH), an NGO, has filed public interest litigation in the Vidabhar High Court on behalf of the accused brothers. WAH’s arguments are, “Yaash Kumar, one of the accused at the time of the incident, he was a Juvenile and the sessions court trail is ultra-virus, that the death sentence was not properly followed the previous judgements and acts and Sections of The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956 (Immoral Traffic Act) which allow prostitution are unconstitutional. After hearing the arguments Vidabhar High Court pass the order that 
 commutation of the sentence of death of Yadhav Kumar to the simple imprisonment for 7 years;
 The Juvenile Justice Board should re-investigate the charge against the Yaash Kumar;

The Vidabhar High Court has also directed the Union of Indiana to review the Immoral Traffic Act for recognizing sex work and the State make necessary amendments to the Act.
Freedom for Women, a Non-Profit organization, is filing a writ to the Supreme Court of India over the High Court order. The apex court allowed WAH’s intervene petition as Respondent and adjourned the case till September 26, 2021.

 This moot proposition is based on Several True incidents and all other references are fictional.
 The Participants have Freedom to Make Issues.
 The moot problem is the way it is, with full application of the principle of “as is, there is…whatever where is”. Queries or requests for clarifications relating to fact will not be entertained

Rules and Regulations

  1. General Information
    1.1. These are the rules for the 1 st National Memorial Drafting Competition, 2021.
    1.2. The competition is being conducted by FORLASS INDIA organization and IJLR.
    1.3. Last Date for submitting memorials – 26th September 2021.
    1.4. The Organizing Committee shall function as the point of contact, and any changes in the Rules of the Competition shall be notified by email to all participating teams.
    1.5. The Competition shall be conducted by rules mentioned hereunder. Participants are required to comply with the rules and procedures prescribed herein.
    1.6. The official email for all correspondence for the Competition is info@ijlr.in and forlassindia@gmail.com
  2. Definition Part
    2.1. “Competition” means the 1 st National Memorial Drafting Competition, 2021.
    2.2. “Identity” means any fact of the identity of the Team, its members, or the Institution/College/University represented by the Team and the state or region where such Institution/College/University is located and includes any identification marks/ seal of the Team or the Institution/ College/University represented.
    2.3. “Organizing Committee” or “OC” means the Organizing Members from FORLASS INDIA and IJLR.
    2.4. “Team” means the registered participants in the Competition and shall include only those members as specified in Rule 3.2 of the Rules of the Competition.
    2.5. “Team Code” means the code assigned to a Team for Representing.
    2.6. “Memorial” means the memorandum of written submissions submitted by any Team as per these Rules of the Competition.
    2.7. “Memorial Score” means the score determined by the Rules of the Competition.

  1. Eligibility and Registration
    3.1. Any students enrolled in a three (3) year LL.B. programme or a five (5) year LL.B. programme shall be eligible to participate in the Competition. Students enrolled in Post- Graduate are not eligible to participate. A person not eligible to participate in the competition who is current member of FORLASS INDIA and IJLR.
    3.2. The team composition for the Competition shall be either Individual Member Team or Maximum Two Members Team. Inter-Cross college or university team registration is allowed in this Competition.
    3.3 Here is no need for any authorisation latter from any institutions.
    3.4 Registration fee for a Team is ₹ 60. Registration Fees must be paid before registration. And except in inevitable circumstances, the registration fee is not refundable.
    3.5 Payment Instructions.
    In the case of Bank Transaction:-
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 74980100022173.
    BRANCH NAME: Salai Road, Tiruchirappalli.
    In the case of UPI Transaction:-
    ijlr@upi (or) +91 94896 71437
    3.6 Registration is open from 01st August to 29th August 2021. Registration Link
    3.7 After the Registration process complies with the participants, within 18 hours confirmation mail and Team code shall be allotted to that team.
    3.8 After Team Code allotment, Teams must represent their team code to The Organising Committee for any situations. Non-Comply with this rule will lead to disqualification of teams.

  1. Memorial Rules
    4.1. General Rules for Memorial
    4.1.1. All the teams must submit the soft copy of the memorial for both sides (Petitioner- Respondent) on or before 11:59 PM (IST), September 26th, 2021. The memorial should be sent in a format of Word (‘.doc’ or ‘.docx’) format. Here are no negative marks for late submissions. So sharply registration link will be closed at that mentioned time.
    4.1.2 Mode of Memorial submission will be announced after the all registration process.
    4.1.3. Participants are allowed to frame additional issues other than those provided in the moot proposition if desired.
    4.1.4. The soft copy of memorials once submitted cannot be revised or resubmitted.
    4.1.5. The Cover Page of the Memorial must follow the following colour scheme, Blue for the Petitioner Cover Page and Red for the Respondent Cover Page.
    4.1.6. The Memorial must not contain any Annexure / Photographs /Sketches / Exhibits / Affidavits or any other representation of like nature.
    4.1.7. The memorials must not contain any identification apart from the team code allotted. If any discrepancy or any attempt to disclose identity by any team is noticed by the Organizers, the team will be disqualified.
    4.1.8. The memorials must be named in the following format: “Team Code -Petitioner/Respondent”, for example, “T001 – Petitioner”. The file name shall not carry any other identifying marks.
    4.1.9. Participants must refrain from using the same language or copying from other’s memorials and other sources. Even the use of publicly available information must be accompanied by proper citations. These rules shall apply to all parts of the memorial and not just the Pleadings and Prayer. The Organizing Committee in consultation with the memorial judges will take a final decision regarding the determination of cases of plagiarism and penal measures for such action.
    4.1.10. Memorials that do not comply with the above-mentioned specifications will be rejected.

4.2. Rules on the Content and Formatting of Memorials
4.2.1. Each Team is required to prepare a memorial for each party of the dispute with the following mandatory heads:
a) Cover Page
b) Table of Contents
c) Index of Authorities
d) Statement of Jurisdiction
e) Statement of Facts (Must not exceed single Page)
f) Issues Raised
g) Summary of Arguments (Must Not Exceed 2 Pages)
h) Arguments Advanced (Must Not Exceed 25 Pages)
i) Prayer.
No restrictions for overall page count.
4.2.2. The Cover Page must contain only the following information:
a) The Team Code in the upper right corner of each memorial. No other page must contain the team code.
b) The name of the Forum resolving the dispute.
c) The name of the Competition.
d) Name of the parties and status before the Forum
e) The party on whose behalf the memorial has been prepared
4.2.3. All parts of the memorial (including Headings, Headers and Footers) must be typed on A4 sized paper/format, with the following Formatting Specifications:
a) Page Orientation: Portrait
b) Font Type: Times New Roman
c) Font Size: 12

d) Line Spacing: 1.5
e) Margins: One (1) Inch on Each Side
f) All Paragraph should be Justified
4.2.4. For Footnotes, the Formatting Specifications are as below:
a) Format: 20th Bluebook Citation Format.
b) Font Type: Times New Roman
c) Font Size: 10
d) Line Spacing: 1
e) Speaking footnotes or endnotes are not allowed except in necessary situations.

  1. Evaluation Criteria
    5.1. Evaluation Criteria for Memorials
    Memorials will be marked on a scale of 100 marks per the following criteria:
    Clarity of fact – 5 marks.
    Research Studies and its usage in Memorials – 15 marks.
    Usage of Legal Language – 5 marks.
    Legal Maxims, legal doctrines and legal principles – 10 marks.
    handling way of pre-judgments and acts – 10 marks.
    cover page – 5 marks.
    Memorial Alignment Skill – 10 marks.
    Utilization of Memorial Submission Rules – 5 marks.
    Jurisdiction – 5 marks.
    Summary of Argument – 5 marks.
    Correlation of issues – 5 marks.
    Continuation of Memorial – 10 marks.
    Prayer – 5 marks.
    Excluding Fact, Ability to handle other issues related to Fact – 5 marks.
    Total – 100 Marks

Here is no penalty for any thinks.

  1. Result
    6.1. Results of Memorandum evaluation will be declared on 3rd, October 2021.
    6.2. Results contains Each Teams Marks (Sorted By each criterion mentioned in Rule 5), Each Teams Memorials, Best Memorials of the Competition, Certificate of Participation,
    Certificate of Merit.
    6.3 Results are the final decision of the Organizing Committee.
  2. Awards
    Winner-Up – Rs. 1,000/ + Justice B P Banerjee’s Writ Remedies (7th Edition) Paper Back Book + Free Publication Opportunity at IJLR +Certificate of Merit. (Winner-Up Award for who takes the first place of Memorial Evaluation) Runner-Up – Rs. 750/ + M.P. Jain’s Indian Constitution Law (8th edition) Paper Back Book
  • Free Publication Opportunity at IJLR + E-Certification of Merit. (Runner-Up Award for who takes the Second place of Memorial Evaluation) Raw Memorial Drafter – Rs. 500/ + Free Publication Opportunity at IJLR + E-Certification of Merit. (Raw Memorial Drafter Award for who creates any unique format, Material or anything with the best knowledgeable content. It’s not based on Memorial Marks Evaluation.) All the Participants will get an E-Certification of Participation. All the prizes will be delivered to the winners after the three days of Results.

  1. Important Dates

Registration Open on 1st August, 2021.
Registration Close on 29th August, 2021.
Last date for Seeking Clarification 10th September, 2021.
Last date for Memorial Submission 26th September, 2021.
Results Declaration 3rd October, 2021.

For More Details,
Saranya Manoharan, Co-Ordinator – +91 85240 19402 (or) forlassindia@gmail.com
Prasanna, Co-Ordinator – +91 94896 71437 (or) info@ijlr.in

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