Shilpa Shetty files a complaint with the high court in response to defamatory comments broadcast in the media

Shilpa Shetty, an actress, has filed a petition with the Bombay High Court seeking an injunction against defamatory comments on social media and websites. The actress has claimed multiple false and defamatory reports that are harming her reputation. According to the claims, she was involved in and reacted to her husband Raj Kundra’s ongoing inquiry into his involvement in a case involving the production and distribution of pornographic content.

The present claim was brought by Plaintiff Shilpa Shetty through Parinam Law Associates in Mumbai. They claim in the lawsuit that the Defendants used their websites to spread false, malicious, and unfounded imputations, claims, and comments about the Plaintiff.

“As intermediaries, the Defendants Nos. 22 to 28 have a large number of users, and thus the Defendants’ posting/publishing/uploading of defamatory posts/articles/videos are extensively spread through the Defendants Nos. 22 to 28. They must follow and abide by any orders/directions issued by this Hon’ble Court in the present suit, and are thus indispensable parties to the present suit. “

The current lawsuit alleges that the Defendants have published, disseminated, and continue to disseminate defamatory materials about the Plaintiff via their platforms/websites.

“Any and every person can visit the Defendants’ websites, and there is no requirement for a prior subscription to view the articles and comments placed on the Defendants’ websites. As a result, the Defendants’ defamatory content, as set out below, is freely available to the general public. “

She argued in her application that just stating her involvement in the crime and investigation without verifying information had severely harmed her reputation and integrity. She has also indicated that she is being painted as a criminal and a lady who has abandoned her spouse as a result of her husband’s ongoing criminal inquiry. Her application further claims that the media sites named in her court filing have published inaccurate, disparaging, and false defamatory allegations about Shilpa, and have not only defamed but also harmed her image. Her reputation has been irreparably damaged as a result of their actions.

Shilpa also stated in the application that defamatory articles and videos published in her name have tarnished her reputation in the eyes of the general public, including her fans, followers, brand endorsement companies, business associates, and peers, who have begun to believe the defamatory articles.

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