The Officer-in-charge of Pathardi Police Station Suspended: Judge Uttam Anand Murder Case

Uttam Anand, District and Sessions Judge, went out for a morning walk on July 28, but he never returned home. He was killed in a road accident while wandering along the road’s edge when a three-wheeler/auto rickshaw rammed into him.
Judge Uttam Anand began his education at Hazaribagh’s St. Xavier’s School. He received his undergraduate degree from Delhi University’s Kirorimal College and his law degree from the Faculty of Law’s Campus Law Centre. In the legal community, he was renowned for being a soft-spoken individual who cared about his clients. He was a judge who specialised in cases of personal injury and atrocious crimes.
The later release of CCTV footage seems to indicate that it was an intentional act with the purpose of hurting or murdering the judge.
Anand was hearing the murder case of Ranjay Singh, a close aide to Jharia MLA Sanjeev Singh, when he died. He also turned down the bail applications of Abhinav Singh and Ravi Thakur, members of the group led by Aman Singh, who is currently detained.
The Senior Superintendent of Police, Sanjeev Kumar, has suspended Umesh Manjhi, the officer-in-charge of Pathardih Police Station (Dhanbad), for failing to act on a ‘theft allegation’ filed by the owner of the auto rickshaw used to assassinate judge Anand.
Sugni Devi, the auto’s owner, filed an auto-theft FIR, and her husband Ramdev Lohra was also arrested by the Special Investigation Team.
The auto-rickshaw was previously identified before the Jharkhand High Court as being owned by Devi, who informed the investigating agency that her auto-rickshaw had been taken during interrogation.
The Jharkhand High Court has taken suo motu cognizance of the case and has ordered the Special Investigation Team (SIT) investigating the incident’s death to submit its findings by August 3rd.
In the wake of Judge Anand’s killing, the Supreme Court of India filed a suo motu case on preserving courts and ensuring the protection and security of judges.
The Supreme Court also ordered Jharkhand’s Chief Secretary and Director General of Police to provide a status report on the probe into Judge Anand’s death within a week.

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