Editors Guild of India Petitioned the Supreme Court for a SIT Investigation into the PEGASUS Snooping Scandal

The Editors Guild of India, a non-profit organisation dedicated to press freedom, has petitioned the Supreme Court of India to have the Pegasus snoopgate investigated by a Special Investigation Team (SIT).

Rupali Samuel, Raghav Tankha, and Lzafeer Ahmad BF are the lawyers who filed the petition.
This will be the fourth PIL filed in relation to the controversy before the Supreme Court. ML Sharma, Rajya Sabha MP John Brittas, and journalists N Ram and Sashi Kumar have already sought the Supreme Court for an investigation into the concerns.

The petition also asked for directives to be issued to the Central government to reveal records of contracts entered into with foreign corporations for the deployment of surveillance spyware, as well as the individuals against whom such spyware was employed.

The plea, which was filed as the public interest litigation (PIL) petition, questioned the constitutionality of electronic surveillance, hacking, and the use of spyware, as well as the existing surveillance legal framework.

In addition to requesting a SIT investigation, the petitioner also requested that the Central government produce the orders authorising the interception, monitoring, and decryption of electronic communication devices of Indian citizens under the relevant law and rules, along with written reasons for their issuance.

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