PM Modi Launches “Big Reform” e-RUPI to Make Targeted DBT Benefits work…

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday launched a digital direct benefit transfer (DBT) platform called e-RUPE which aims at making sure that the money transferred by the user, in this case, the government, is used exactly for the same purpose as it is intended to be. Prime Minister Modi termed the e-RUPE as a “big reform” in line with the launch of BHIM-UPIU payment system in December 2016. The UPE system has indeed changed the payment landscape in India and has become the preferred mode of payment in many cases. In july alone, UPI registered 3 billion transactions, w3orth Rs 6 trillion plus.
PM MODI said going forward, e-RUPI will be used for other DBT schemes of the government as well. Currently, there are 315 DBT schemes run by 54 ministries of the government. However, not all schemes are for everyone. Data from the National Informatics Centre show till date, 7.32 trillion transaction have been done, transferring about Rs. 1.42 trillion to the beneficiaries. While banks and payments systems have a huge role to play in this ecosystem, hospitals, and corporate entities have also shown interest in adopting this technology, the PM said

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