Allahabad High Court dismisses plea of woman in live-in-relation seeking protection from her husband.

Allahabad High Court while dismissing protection appeal of a married woman staying in a live-in relationship with her partner, observed that live-in-relationship cannot be at the cost of the social fabric of India.

The court in its recently passed order stated that they make it clear that the Bench is not against live-in-relationship, but it m is against illegal relations.

The court dismissed the plea with a moral cost of Rs 5,000.

The married woman had filed a petition wanting direction for her security as she was living with a live-in partner. The woman stated she is not married to the partner but is having a relationship with him because of the unconcerned and torturing behavior of her husband.

The woman states since she was living with her live-in partner, the husband is trying to threaten their peaceful lives and they need protection. The petitioners sought direction that they may not be harassed in any way by the local police or by the husband or his associates in any manner. The court observed that they are not against granting protection to people who want to live together irrespective of the fact as to which community, caste, or sex they belong to, But none law-abiding citizen who is already married under the Hindu Marriage Act can seek the protection of the Court for an illegal relationship, which is not within the purview of the social fabric of this country.

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