Firefighters manage to save Olympics birthplace, Olympia in Greece from the rage of sinister Forest fire.

While the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is going on, forest fire raging in Greece threaten to ruin the ancient site where it all began.

An Aircraft drops water during a wildfire in ancient Olympia, western Greece on August 5. [AP news Greece (Giannis Spyrounis /]

Olympia is the site where Olympics game were held once in every four year starting from 776 BC for more than a millennium.

A wildfire approaches the Olympic Academy, foreground, in ancient Olympia, Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021, via Ap news, Greece.

“We will continue the battle all day in order to contain all the fronts and extinguish the fire. The conditions are difficult,” Chrisochoidis (Hellenic Ministry of Citizen Protection) said on Thursday.
Wild Forest fire which were fuelled by a protracted heat wave in Greece raged into Thursday, which eventually lead to evacuation of dozens of villages and which was also a threat for the birth place of Olympics. Firefighters finally managed to prevent the flames from reaching the archaeological site at the birthplace of the ancient Olympics.
The prime minister said ancient Olympia’s archaeological site and museum had been successfully protected.
While the causes of the Greek wildfires are still unclear, however the authorities stated that the human error and carelessness are most frequently to blame.

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