Afghanistan Replaces Army Chief amid Taliban continues to Rise

As Taliban militants continue to make rapid rise Afghan President Ashraf Ghani replaced the country’s army chief on Wednesday and the President Ashraf Ghani himself flew to the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif, seeking to organize their defences and to put a halt on Taliban’s rapid advance.


President Ashraf Ghani (centre) has tried to sideline powerful Afghan warlords to strengthen the Afghan National Army

The sacked army chief General Wali Mohammad Ahmad Zai has been replaced by Hibatullah Alizai

“General Hibatullah Alizai, the commander of the Special Operations Corps, was appointed as the chief of army staff, replacing General Wali Ahmadzai, officials confirmed,” a tweet by TOLO News read

Mazar-i-Sharif lies close to the borders with Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, and if Taliban takes over this land it could result in complete collapse of the government’s control over the north of Afghanistan.

The Washington Post newspaper on Wednesday cited unnamed officials as saying the capital Kabul could fall to the Taliban within 90 days, based on US military assessments.

However, a senior advisor to the President Ghani, Waheed Omer dismissed the prediction

“It’s hard times for us but we know that we will prevail,” he told the BBC news channel. “They have managed to gain some territory but it’s not about territory. It’s about the people. The people don’t want them and they will soon find that it was a mistake to actually attack our people,” he said.

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