16-year-old boy kills his sleeping brother, buries the body parts after cutting into pieces.

A 16-year-old boy from a village in the Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh allegedly slashed his 20-year-old brother to death, chopped his body into multiple pieces, and then buried them inside their house.
The 20-year-old youth is identified as Farman of Fatehpur Dhola village. He was murdered and buried by his minor brother, reportedly after a fight out between them over the latter’s mobile phone. The crime occurred on July 19 but came to light a few days ago after the villagers were alerted by the stink of decay deriving from their house.

As per reports, Farman forgot the password to unlock his minor brother’s newly bought mobile phone after locking it. The teenager picked up a fight with Farman over the issue. Farman allegedly pummeled the teenager harshly. The teenager had allegedly become angered. When Farman was sleeping in the night, the teenager attacked him with a spade, leading to injuries that caused his death. Thereafter, the teenager cut the victim’s body into multiple pieces and buried them in different places inside their home.
The crime remained under the jackets until the stink decay of the victim’s body parts began deriving from the house. Villagers grew cautious. When they asked the teenager about Farman, he could not give a satisfactory answer. Thereafter, the police were alerted and a horrific story of crime was revealed. The teenager was taken into custody and the victim’s body parts were unearthed and sent for post-mortem examination.
Their parents have died, and two elder sisters are married. The brothers had been living in the house for the last two years. Rehman has been taken into custody and will be sent to a juvenile home after the completion of the interrogation.

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