2nd (Virtual) National ADR Competition – Kerala Law Academy Law College, Thiruvananthapuram


Amidst COVID-19 pandemic, the 2 nd National ADR Competition hosted by the Kerala Law Academy will be held via virtual mode on 07 th OCTOBER 2021 from the Kerala Law Academy Campus, Peroorkada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The competition is conducted through the online platforms ZOOM and GOOGLE MEET. All the participating teams should have good access to the internet and be able to access the above said online platform at the scheduled dates and time. This is a mandatory requirement for participation.

The Competition is open to all Law Colleges / Law Schools and Faculties / Universities; Departments of Law in India (hereafter “participating institutions”) recognized by the Bar Council of India. Students doing post-graduation in law and students undergoing correspondence courses are not eligible to participate in the Competition. b. Only one team from each participating institution shall be registered for the competition. Each team shall comprise three members (two parties and one rapporteur).

The team intending to participate must register on or before On or before 25 th September 2021, Saturday (25.09.2021) by submitting the duly filled Proforma provided in the Kerala Law Academy website; https: //keralalawacademy.in/wp/forms/2nd-virtual-national-adr-competition/ and making online payment of Rs 2000/- ( Two thousand Only), as registration fee through the online link provided in the Kerala law academy website (https://keralalawacademy.in/wp/)
▪ Registration Fees: for a team is Rs 2000/-.
▪ Team codes shall be allotted on 26 th September 2021, Sunday (26.09.2021)
(Includes the cost of taking Printout of the Script Memorandum)

The dress code for the participants during the sessions shall be as follows:
⮚ Female participant: white saree and black blouse or white salwar kameez for the speaker. The Rapporteur shall wear black coat also.
⮚ Male participants: White or black pants and white shirt for speaker. The rapporteur shall wear black coat and tie also.

Hypothetical problems with legal subject matter and disputes which may be assimilated and developed into the role play format through imagination and individual skill of the participants. Separate problems are provided for each round. Problem No.1 is for the preliminary round. Problem No.2 is for semifinals and Problem No.3 is for the finals. Role play shall be based on real situation performance by the complainant/claimant, respondent and rapporteur respectively according to the opted ADR methodology. Congenial methodology shall be selected.

Script memorandum should be prepared for all the three problems. The script memorandum shall consist of a general explanation on ADR and the rationale for the method /technique selected by the team along with adequate references in 20 pages (A4 size paper) Written scripts for the either side shall consist of a general introduction, briefing on ADR, explanation of the given method, facts in issue, depositions and the claims/demand/prayer along with exhibits or evidence, extracts etc. at a maximum of 20 pages. Soft copies of the script in Word and PDF Format shall be mailed to klaadr2021@gmail.com on or before 30th September 2021, Thursday (30.09.2021)
⮚ There shall be an interface of teams from semi- finals onwards. One of the participants of the team as suggested by them shall act as the rapporteur during the presentation of the other team. There will be exchange of memorials of respective teams in advance.

The fixture of the competition will be shaped through draw of lots well before the commencement of the various sessions. The college reserves the right to make any necessary alterations.

Preliminary rounds – League – Aggregate total
Semi Final – Knockout – Aggregate total
Final – Knockout – Aggregate total

A bench comprising of three judges selected from a panel of judges drawn from an array of judge/jurist, advocates/legal consultant and social worker will preside over each session. For presentations time allotted for each team is 30 minutes for prelims and semifinals. And for finals each team will get a time of 40 min.


A. 20 marks for Script (Common distribution for all rounds)
B. 80 marks for oral presentation
C. The marks will be distributed as follows:

⮚ Role identification
⮚ Script development
⮚ Stage performance and communication skills
⮚ Individual skill and capability shall be tested along with overall conceptualization and presentation of the theme Individual prizes will be awarded on the basis of total marks secured by each participant for all rounds and their performance shall be adjudged separately. Team prizes will be awarded on the basis of selection round and total outlay marks in all rounds. If the same person participates in more than one round, his/her average marks shall be counted for adjudging their position.

There shall be a Quorum of judges selected for each court from among a panel of judges constituted for the purpose including eminent Judges, Lawyers and Law Teachers from all over India. Marks will be awarded to the memorials by the Committee of Judges out of a maximum of 20 marks. Each Court will assign marks for oral arguments to each individual participant and the team. Each individual’s marks for oral arguments will be added with memorial marks to make the individual’s marks out of 100. Out of 100 marks, the division of marks for each individual participant is as follows:
⮚ Written Script- 20 marks
⮚ Oral Presentation -80 marks

The organizers reserve the right to impose penalty on a team, at any stage of the competition, if the memorial or any other part thereof, if found to be plagiarized.

⮚ Secrecy of Identity: During the course of the Oral Submissions, the speaker shall neither reveal his/her identity nor the identity of their College/University by any means whatsoever. Such actions on part of any member of the team will lead to disqualification of the team from the competition.
⮚ Scouting: Scouting is strictly prohibited. Teams found scouting will be disqualified immediately.

The competition is conducted through the online platforms ZOOM and GOOGLE MEET. The Meeting ID, Password and Link will be communicated to the teams via email 25 to 15 minutes before each round in which they are participating. All the participating teams should have good access to the internet and be able to access the above said online platform with a good camera.

This is a mandatory requirement for participation

Ever rolling trophies, cash prizes and individual trophies for winners and every participant will be awarded with certificate of participation. Honours in this competition include:

  1. Best Team – Rs 15,000/-
  2. Second Best Team
  3. Best Counselor
  4. Best script format

The organizers are entitled to change the format of the competition, without prior intimation. In case of complaints/disputes, the same shall be submitted to the appeal committee, which shall consist of Sri. K. Hareendran, the Professor in charge of Principal of KLA as its President and two other faculty members of the host institution. The decision of the Appeal committee shall be final.

▪ Registration – On or before 25 th September 2021, Saturday (25.09.2021)
▪ Allotment of Team Code – 26 th September 2021, Sunday (26.09.2021)
▪ Submission of Memo Script – 30 th September 2021, Thursday (30.09.2021)
▪ Online Desk Registration – 02.00pm, 06 th October 2021, Wednesday (06.10.2021)
▪ Inaugural Session – 04:00pm ,07 th October 2021, Thursday (07.10.2021)
▪ Briefing Session – 06:00pm, 07 th October 2021, Thursday (07.10.2021)
▪ Preliminary Round – 09:00am, 08 th October 2021, Friday (08.10.2021)

▪ Semi Final Round – 10:00am, 09 th October 2021, Saturday (09.10.2021)
▪ Final Round – 02:30pm, 09 th October 2021, Saturday (09.10.2021)


  1. The competition will be held either in Google Meet or Zoom or both. All the Participants are required to have the respective app in their Desktop or Laptop.
  2. During the competition, participants are required to use Desktops or laptops. Mobile phones can cause technical issues and therefore not permitted for video conference, for the purpose of participate in the competition.
  3. Sound internet connection is a mandatory requirement. The organizers will not be responsible for any such connection errors from the side of the participants.
  4. In each panel or section there will be a technical assistant who will be helping the participants and judges to deal with the technical issues.
  5. The organizing team will take all the responsibility in case of any technical error on the part of the organizers.
  6. Screen Sharing or any kinds of malpractices are not allowed and if found, such team will be disqualified.
  7. When the competition starts, the team members are asked to switch on their videos till the end of the session. With respect to the mike, the team member has to unmute it while they are speaking and mute when they are not speaking in order to avoid disturbances, failing which, points may be deducted from the score by the judges at their discretion.
  8. Team members are requested to participate in the competition in a closed or disturbance free area for the smooth conduct of the competition.
  9. Link, passcode or entry for the particular slot will be sent to the WhatsApp group created by Participant Management Committee, before the rounds. The teams are supposed to join the slot 20 minutes prior to the actual time.
  10. Every participant should use earphones during the rounds except in cases of medical conditions which should be intimated to the organizers in advance.
  11. There should be a distance of 1 meter between the webcam and the participants.

  1. There should not be anyone present in the room with the participants, in case of any malpractices the team will be disqualified.

For any queries, please write to klaadr2021@gmail.com or contact any of the following;

Faculty Convenors:
▪ Mr. N.K Sasidharan – 8281606060
▪ Mrs. Darsana S Thampi – 8086406054
▪ Mrs. Priya M.K – 9633311359
▪ Mrs. Salini A.P – 7012480983

Student Convenors:
● Sruthi Kannan – 8921194385
● Darsana Vikram – 9745448409
● Sreedurga M. U – 9400186527
● Arjun P.M – 8281507276

Student Co. Convenors:
● Anagha S.
● Abraham J
● Devika. S
● Sangeet Mohan

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