Canada ready to take in 20,000 vulnerable Afghans as Taliban continues to take over Afghanistan

Canada on Friday (local time) announced that it is expanding a program to resettle 20,000 afghan refugees amid Taliban making rapid advance towards the capital Kabul.

Those groups will include: “Women leaders, human rights defenders, journalists, persecuted minorities, LGBTQI members, and family of previously resettled interpreters,” Immigration minister Marco Mendiciono said.

The decision was announced amidst the pressure to expedite the program particularly for those who were employed by Canada during its effort in Afghanistan.

“Canada will do right by those who did right by us,” Mendicino said.

“As the Taliban continues to take over more of Afghanistan, many more Afghans are under increasing threat.”

According to the report of the local media, reported on Friday, in the last 24 hours 6 more provincial capitals has fallen in the hands to the terrorist group.

Defence minister Harjit Sajjan said Canadians have made it clear to the Government that helping Afghans come to Canada is a priority.

“Canadians have shown incredible desire to open the hearts and minds to help those in need,”. “And we’re deeply grateful for the support shown by Canadians across the country” he said. Till now a total of 158 Canadian army soldiers martyred during the  efforts made by  Canadian forces in Afghanistan.

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