New Zealand to enter a snap lockdown over a single Covid case

After a man was detected as positive in Auckland, New Zealand has announced lockdown for a week for Auckland while the rest of the country will be in lockdown for three days. This was a first case in last six months.
Authorities have said they are working on the assumption that the newly detected case was a delta variant.
Till now, around 20% of New Zealand population has been fully vaccinated.
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the toughest “level 4” rules were required – closing schools, offices and all businesses with only essential services remaining operational.
“I want to assure New Zealand that we have planned for this eventuality. Going hard and early has worked for us before,” she said.
There was reportedly a rush at supermarkets in Auckland, as locals anticipated a lockdown.
The infected person is a 58 year old man, who is believed to be infectious since last Thursday.
According to the authorities at the very least there are 23 potential sites of transmission.
“We have seen what can happen elsewhere if we fail to get on top of it. We only get one chance,” Ms Ardern (the Prime Minister of New Zealand) said in a televised national address, calling the Delta strain “a game changer”.

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