NV Ramana, The Chief Justice Of India, Expresses His Displeasure With “Speculative” Media Stories On The Collegium’s Recommendations Before The Names Were Finalised

On the occasion of Justice Navin Sinha’s retirement, the CJI presided over a Ceremonial Bench. During the ceremony Chief Justice of India (CJI) NV Ramana voiced his displeasure with “speculative” media reporting about the Supreme Court Collegium’s recommendations for appointment as justices of the highest court.

The CJI stated that the process was still ongoing and that names had not yet been finalised, and that today’s media stories would be counterproductive. It could also have an impact on the careers of judges and other people who have been suggested. He claims that the media must not jeopardise the legal process’s dignity.

He also expressed gratitude to leading media for refraining from releasing speculative reports.

“I’m relieved that no senior journalists have speculated about such a scenario. Journalists like these are the backbone of our democracy. I’m quite disappointed “he stated

The CJI made the remarks while sitting on a ceremonial bench with Justice Navin Sinha, who is stepping down as a Supreme Court justice today. Several news agencies reported today that the collegiums has proposed nine persons for Supreme Court promotion.

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