1st RNBGU All India Online One Day Debate Competition-2021

An on-line RNBGU All India One Day Debate Competition shall be held on 9th  September, 2020.

Topics for the Competition   – “Health Laws of India are effective and sufficient for Pandemic “.

                       RULES FOR THE COMPETITION –

1.         The Competition shall be held on  9th  September  2021, from 10:00 am onwards on Google meet.

2.         The Speakers shall not disclose their identities and shall only represent themselves by the Team Codes allotted to them. Team codes shall be provided to each team after successful registration.

3.         The competition shall consist of 2 rounds i.e. Preliminary & Final.

4.         The registration procedure for the competition shall be as under :

a.        A duly filled scanned copy of the registration form, which is attached herewith shall be  emailed to swati.agrawal@rnbglobal.edu.in.

b.         The registration form ought to reach the organizers on or before of due dates as mentioned above, beyond which no registration shall be allowed.

5.         This competition is open for the present bonafide students studying in any recognized School college or  University.

6.         The students shall carry their college identity cards and show during the competition.

7.         The participants shall report at least 5 minutes before their scheduled time.

8.         The participants shall dress in formals only.

9.         Each speaker shall be allowed to speak for 7 minutes for each round.

10.         The language for the debate competition shall be English or hindi . Hence, the participants can use either language but must stick to one language and not switch between them.

11.         The organizers reserve the right to alter or change the rules or the procedure of the competition.

12.         Use of foul or obscene language will lead to disqualification.

13.     Participants are allowed to use any source of information during preparatory period of time. No book, document or electronic gadget shall be allowed to the participant during the competition.

14.     Separate links for competition day shall be generated and sent to the teams.

15.     One member shall speak in the favour of motion and another will speak against the motion.

16.     Refund of registration fees & prize money for team will be paid only in the account of the person, whose account no is mentioned in registration form.

17.     A confirmation mail from the authorized person from the representing university/college must be required as the permission.

18.     Disclaimer: The decision of the Judges and the organizing Committee on any issue arising during the competition shall be final and binding.


1.       Two regular students from each Department of a University or an affiliated College of a University shall constitute one team. Two teams from each such Institute of Higher Education are eligible to participate in the Debate.

2.       All Schools of the RNBGU, including School of Law may participate and shall be considered as one separate Institution. They shall be required to register till due date with registration fee.


Student participation: Registration fees of Rs. 200/- shall be payable by NEFT or any other online mode to the organizers, pursuant to which the registered candidate shall become eligible for participation. No cheque or cash method of payment will be allowed.

Bank Details for payment of registration fees

Name of A/c Holder: RNB GLOBAL UNIVERSITY, payable at Bikaner A/c No: 61276471798

Bank: SBI, IFSC Code: SBIN0031725

The Preliminaries

(a)          All the teams registered for Competition shall participate at the Preliminary round of the Debate Competition.

(b)         Three independent judges, viz. a Senior Advocate; a senior teacher of Law and a senior teacher of Political Science, shall be Judges for all preliminary rounds on the First Day of Competition.

(c)          Best eight teams based on the selection of the panel of judges for the debates at Preliminaries shall participate at the Finals Round of the debate competition.

(d)         Three independent judges, viz. a High Court Judge (sitting or retired) or a senior Advocate of the High Court; a Senior Professor of Law; and a Senior Professor of Political Science shall be Judges for Finals round of the Competition.

Prizes for the winners

(a)  First prize for the winning team at Finals: Rs. 2,100/-.

(b) One individual prize for participant speaking in favour of the motion and securing highest rewards at Preliminaries: Rs. 1100/-

(c)  One individual prize for participant speaking in favour of the motion and securing second best rewards at Preliminaries: Rs. 1100/-

(d) One individual prize for participant speaking against of the motion and securing

highest rewards at Preliminaries: Rs. 500/-

(e)  One individual prize for participant speaking against of the motion and securing second best rewards at Preliminaries: Rs. 500/-

Certificate of participation

All participants shall be issued Certificates of Participation.

All enquiries to be addressed to:

Ms.Swati Agrawal

Assistant Professor, School of Law, RNB Global University, Bikaner Email: swati.agrawal@rnbglobal.edu.in

Mobile No: +91-8209267417

Last Date of Payment of Registration Fees30th August 2021
 Last Date of Submitting Soft Copy of Proof of Payment of Registration Fees & Scanned Registration Form  5th  September 2021
Dates of Event9th  September  2021
Date of Announcement of Result11th  September 2021

The registration form is attached here in both format (Word and PDF)

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